Pioneering Sustainable Waste & Energy Management

Mariana WM ( formerly Eurotec Environmental ) specialises in reducing an organisation’s waste and energy costs via proven smart technologies that enable our clients to efficiently manage their costs, sustainability and compliance.

Sterilwave – a compelling solution to today’s clinical waste management

Mariana WM Limited has developed the most innovative ‘on-site’ clinical waste treatment service that the NHS has seen in over two decades.

Why Mariana WM Are Different

At Mariana WM, we are dedicated to delivering best of breed solutions to our client’s waste management needs via innovative technologies and methodologies.

Providing the NHS with greater control over clinical waste management

Creating positive, supportive and professional relationships

The most sustainable and carbon friendly method of managing clinical waste

Changing Clinical Waste Management

Sterilwave is the most innovative ‘on-site’ medical waste treatment service seen by the NHS in two decades. Our modern waste process intelligently grinds then microwaves the waste into a sterile RDF/SRF “flock” that is completely safe to handle and can be disposed of as domestic waste or used as a high calorific
fuel source in Waste to Energy plants.

Clinical Waste Management

Mariana WM specialises in reducing an organisation’s Waste & Energy costs via smart technologies and solutions that enable them to cost effectively improve their sustainability, be more carbon friendly and to better manage their compliance.